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The Entrepreneur Hot Seat is a podcast for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to hear stories from other entrepreneurs, the different types of businesses out there and the challenges other entrepreneurs are facing and what they are doing to overcome those challenges. In each episode, I will interview a different entrepreneur (some very successful, some just starting out) to learn about their business, their vision and goals as well as what they are struggling with and try to pull some lessons from the conversation.

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    EP 86: Becoming a Legendary Couple with Lance & Brandy Salazar

    Lance and Brandy have experienced what it’s like when a marriage falls apart but unlike many people, they did the work to put theirs back together and build the best marriage possible. Now they work together as the founders of “Legendary Couples”, where they help couples work through the same challenges they have had as a married couple and create a clear vision of their ideal relationship.

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    084: How to Win at Life w/ John Lee Dumas of EOFire

    John Lee Dumas is the Founder and Host of Entrepreneur on Fire (aka EOFire), an award winning Podcast where he interviews today's most inspiring Entrepreneurs. Since starting in 2012, John has published over 2,000 interviews with incredible Entrepreneurs, including Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, Gary Vee, Barbara Corcoran, Tim Ferriss, and many more. Along the way, John has built a 7-figures a year business empire and has helped countless people (including me) learn to podcast. John manages this empire with his business partner and girlfriend, Kate Erickson, whom I also recently had on the podcast.

    Note, I started listening to EOFire in 2016 when I realized I wanted to get back into entrepreneurship and it was a game changer for me. Hearing from different entrepreneurs and seeing what they’ve accomplished really opened my eyes to what is possible.

    I also bought John’s Freedom Journal when it came out in 2016 and Mastery Journal when it came out in 2017 and I’m a fan of both. I have been an active member of John and Kate’s FB community and had the pleasure of meeting them at Podcast Movement in Anaheim last year.

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    083: Building an Authentic Podcast Empire with Kate Erickson

    Kate Erickson is a badass charismatic and thoughtful influencer in the entrepreneur world. She is the implementer and brains behind Entrepreneurs On Fire,which has been one of the most popular and influential podcasts in the entrepreneur space for many years. She is also the host of the podcast Kate's Take and author of The Fire Path: A Beginner's Guide to Growing Your Online Business. Kate is passionate about helping entrepreneurs create freedom in their business and life through developing systems and processes that can help their business scale and grow.Kate lives in Puerto Rico with her significant other, John Lee Dumas.

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    082: Revamping the Family Coffee Business with Hrag Kalebjian

    Hrag is the head of business operations at Henry's House of Coffee in San Francisco. After a long career in corporate America where he worked in corporate finance and operations for companies like Blue Shield and Triple A, he decided to leave corporate America in 2013 to join his family's coffee roasting business. Since then he has learned a ton about being out on his own trying to implement change and growth in traditional business.

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    081: Discover your Zone of Genius with Gay Hendricks, Author of the Big Leap

    Dr. Gay Hendricks has been a leader in the fields of relationship transformation and bodymind transformation for more than 45 years now. After earning his PhD from Stanford in 1974, he served as professor of counselling psychology at the University of Colorado for 21 years. He has also written more than 40 books including best-sellers such as Five Wishes, The Big Leap, Conscious Loving, and New Conscious Loving Ever After. The last two books were co-authored by his wife of more than 35 years. He has also appeared in more than 500 radio and television shows including Oprah, CNN, CNBC, and 48 Hours.

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    080: Combining Business and Football Strategy with Matt Prostko

    Matt is a passionate consultant, speaker, and facilitator who leverages his wide experience to help companies and leaders translate strategy and culture into business results. He has a rich business background that includes entrepreneurship and executive roles at large companies where he has led business units, global sales organizations, and product development teams. He is also the author of the book Ahead of the Chains.

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    079: Becoming an Independent Consultant and Finding the Right Clients with Babak Azad

    In this episode of Entrepreneur Hot Seat, Andy interviews Babak Azad, the founder of Round Two Partners. He helps clients take their performance marketing business to the next level. He specialises in analysing a business and identifying actionable strategies to accelerate business growth. He has helped Beachbody achieve over a billion dollars in revenue by getting involved in sales, media, and marketing.

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    078: Explosive Sales Growth and Going Independent with Ryan Snow

    Ryan is the #1 best-selling author of a book called "The Miracle Morning for Salespeople.” He’s also a sales leader, a business coach, and a teacher at heart. His mission is to help people achieve extraordinary results in life and in sales through business. He led a brokerage to over 1 billion dollars in sales in the last 3 years and over 20 million dollars in commissions. He had a new book out called "Explosive Sales Growth in Real Estate" which just launched on April 2018. This episode is full of beneficial information, please listen and enjoy!

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    077: From Personal Trainer, to Gym Owner to Startup Incubator with Jean-Luc Boissonneault

    Jean-Luc is a writer, speaker, and media spokesperson across many different outlets. He is a long-time entrepreneur who has started and sold multiple businesses including a chain of luxury personal training studios. Currently, he is the CEO of Miyagi incubator and accelerator in Ottawa, Canada, where he funds coaches and connects people to succeed in business. He is also a husband and a father of one.

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